Top 10 Best Moisture Wicking Bra in 2020

Best Moisture Wicking Bras to Prevent Sweaty Boobs
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Almost every women experience underboob sweats or boob sweat that can be irritating, especially during summer when temperatures are soaring. At some point, you can develop bob rub just like thigh rubs that are always uncomfortable and painful to a great extent. An ordinary bra may not keep you all naturally dry and cool but the best moisture wicking bras for preventing boob sweat will help solve your sweaty boob problem, leaving you feeling extra cool and naturally dry.

If you sweat too much especially if you are enjoying a hot cup of espresso, you may also find sweat stains that are in fact a huge problem. If moisture sits on your boobs for far too long, you may begin to experience chafing or irritation. However, best thing is that not all women bras are airless or hot every day. Some cooling bras or breathable bras prevent moisture perfectly. Equally, full support moisture wicking bra for women are designed to allow air to flow freely in and out with a breathable technology that is leaving many ladies smiling as they walk in sizzling sun. These bras have special mesh panels as well as open backs that moreover, increase comfort. Most of all, they have moisture wicking ability, which means that they help to wick away sweat and moisture away from your skin just like a moisture wicking undershirt for women.

You have nothing to worry at all; whether you are in menopause or are always hot, particularly when anxious or during a strenuous exercise regime, including jogging, weight lifting or yoga, bras that wick away moisture will keep you comfortable all day long.

The best thing about bras for people who sweat a lot is that you will get your perfect size, whether you are curvaceous or slim-fit. No need to keep suffering, especially when enjoying your summer time on the sassy beach in the tropics. Fight off sweat naturally by wearing a specially designed bra with moisture wicking technology, which means that it soaks up excess sweat from your body, leaving you dry and comfortable. Every woman deserves these kinds of bras that are extra cooling just like the best moisture wicking underwear for women.

You may need to throw away your heavy padded bras if you sweat a lot or during summer, when it’s too hot and pick the best full support bras with breathable and moisture wicking technology. A highly padded bra has a lot of fabric, which means that you will tend to sweat a lot and end up feeling uncomfortable. The lightly lined bras will allow your pretty girls breathe with ease. Equally, bras with soft fabric are also the best for you because they prevent irritation or itchiness, especially if you have a sensitive skin. You won’t even notice that you are wearing a bra and you will feel always nice. Let’s start shopping!

Glamorise Women’s Full Figure High Impact Wonderwire Sports Bra #9066

Glamorise is an acclaimed brand of the best moisture wicking bras for sweating people. This 9066 sports bra is perfect for that full figure woman. It grants you maximum comfort. You get full on support. No more bouncing up worries as you do your daily workouts. It is the perfect wardrobe addition.

Product Review Features

  • Best moisture wicking sports bra for everyday wear. It is made from high quality fabrics largely acknowledged for their moisture wicking properties. The material constituents; nylon that is 47%, polyester that is 39% and 14% elastane.
  • It is a double cups layered kind of bra. It incorporates the wonderwire design in its making. This prevents the underwire from touching the skin. It does so through the use of a cushioned inner band. The outer cup is seamless and made from a non- stretching kind of material. The double cup design helps with maximum bounce control.
  • The back of the bra is made from a two way stretch material. This means that there is no slip straps included in the designing of this bra. This a two way stretch gives you a flexible fit that easily moves with you.
  • The strap design of this sports bra is another aspect that makes it a must have. The straps

are first and foremost wide enough. The straps are made from the same non- stretching material. This is ideal as the straps will stay put throughout your workout. The straps however can be adjusted for that comfortable feel and fit you desire.

  • The bra comes in a wide range of colors to choose from. It is considered by most women as the best plus size cooling bra.


  • A comfortable cooling bra.
  • This moisture wicking bras plus size is durable.
  • Perfect for plus size women.
  • It can be hand washed.
  • Has a hook and eye closure design.


  • Imported; slightly expensive.

PrimaDonna The Sweater High Impact Underwire Sports Bra

Are you planning on starting a workout routine? Wondering on which are the best cooling bras for preventing boob sweat that you should purchase for yourself? Well look no further than Primadonna. They have produced a high impact sports bra that is just the bra you need for the gym. This sports bra is first of all very comfortable to wear. It is also known to help with bounce control. It does not fade or wear even after multiple washings. It is the best sports bra you can ever own.

Product Review Features

  • Most best moisture wicking sports bra hiking magazine reviews have this sports bra listed down. This is because it is made from a material with moisture wicking microfibers in its design. This sports bra is not just for hiking only but it’s ideal for a wide range of high impact sporting activities.
  • This bra is made of a blended fabric material. The blend comprises of; 43% polyamide, 41% polyester and 16% elastane. This blended fabric material is of very high quality. It is also known to be very durable.
  • The cups of the bra are molded in design. They are also double layered. They are encapsulated and help with full support of the breasts during the high impact sporting activities.
  • Much similar to some Hanes moisture wicking bra versions, this bra also uses the 3 column, 3 row hook and eye closure design. It is applied at the back of the bra and is normally cushioned.
  • To guarantee you comfort, the bra has a super soft elastic under band. The band is known to help with extinction of chaffing by the bra.
  • It has adjustable, stretchy, wide straps on the back.


  • You are always comfortable.
  • Hand washable.
  • There is no chaffing.
  • Doesn’t easily tear or wear.


  • It’s imported thus slightly expensive.

Glamorise Women’s double- Layer Custom- Control Sport Bra: Moisture Wicking Bras Plus Size

For Glamorise the almost there quality doesn’t cut it. They aim for the best quality in ladies bra. Known for their production of the best sweat- wicking sports bras to keep your top half cool constantly. Glamorise’s bras brand never compromise quality and style. The double layer custom control sports bra is among their famous sports bra versions. This bra guarantees you achievement of that bra comfort you have always craved for. It also doesn’t tear or wear off easily. It is a worthwhile closet addition.

Product Review Features

  • This sports bra is made from a high quality material. The material comprises of 3 kinds of fabrics. The first is polyester which is 56%. Then we have polyamide that is 37%. Lastly elastane which is 7%.
  • It is a plus size moisture wicking bra d cup or larger. This bra is designed to cater to women with those bust sizes. The bra’s material is known for its moisture wicking capabilities. With this property you are assured to remain dry always.
  • This double layered bra is wireless. It incorporates what the brand terms as a magic lift design. This supports lifts and shapes the breasts. It enables bounce control. The interior cup is seamless. There is an outer panel for ideal bounce adjustments.
  • It is a breathable bra for large bust. Has used breathable mesh in its design, which makes it the best breathable bras prevent moisture.
  • The straps are wide. They’re made of a non- stretchy material. This enables them to stay in place as you do your exercises. They are also adjustable and padded.
  • The back is made of a two way stretching material. This shows there is no slip straps in the back design. This back design ensures a flexible fit.


  • Maximum comfort.
  • It’s durable.
  • Machine washable.
  • The best moisture wicking bras plus size.


  • Sizing isn’t accurate with the standard sizing charts.

GlamoriseWomen’s Double- Layer Custom- Control Sport Bra

Looking for a clothing bra that offers the very best? Not just in dresses? But also in bras for people who sweat a lot? Well Glamorise does just that miracle. With a variety of sports bras to choose from, you’re never disappointed once you pick them. Among their bra collection is the Custom- Control double layered sports bra. Want to feel maximum comfort? Pick it. Durability in bras is something you desire? Pick it. Looking for a bra to wear in any occasion? You know the answer; pick it.

Product Review Features

  • Famous as one of the best bra for hot weather UK plus size women are known to largely own. This sports bra is made from material that constituents; 56% polyester, 37% polyamide and 7% elastane.
  • It doesn’t have a wire. Has a magic lift design. This comes about due to the reinforced inner bust band that does the lifting and full support of the boobs.
  • It is double layered. The interior cups are seamless in design. On the outer, they are adjustable, breathable, and have a panel mesh that aid in bounce control.
  • The back of the bra is made of a two way stretchy material. This means that they are a no slip on straps. The back makes for a flexible fit that moves as you do.
  • The sports bra is made from breathable, moisture wicking material. The material is of very high quality and it is durable.
  • This moisture wicking bra has adjustable straps on the back. The material of the straps is not stretching in nature. This helps it stay in put as you do your workouts.
  • It uses the hook and eye closure design on the back.


  • Very comfortable.
  • No tear and wear experienced.
  • Machine washable.
  • A bra for all kinds of activities.
  • No more bouncing problems.


  • The sizing in some cases isn’t up to standards.

Playtex 4745 Women’s 18-Hour Ultimate Lift And Full Support Wire-Free Bra 1 Whit

Playtex aims at production of the best moisture wicking bras to prevent sweaty boobs. Their 4745 bra is your ideal partner for any workout. It provides you with maximum bounce control as you perform those strenuous workouts. You are also assured to get that comfort feel throughout. This is not the bra that you will be looking forward to getting home just so you can get rid of it. It is one you will certainly forget you even have on.

Product Review Features

  • If you looking for a cooling bra for menopause women, this is it. It uses the TruSUPPORT design in its production. This is a 4 way support system style. It helps ensure maximum fit and full support of the boobs.
  • It is a cooling bra because it uses microfiber stretching material in its production. This is known to help with air flow hence keeping you cool and dry. This makes it an ideal for hot weather such as summer. The material is of very high quality. It is made of nylon and spandex.
  • This breathable bra for summer uses the 3 column, 2 row hook and eye closure designs for the back. The back is smoother and wider. This helps with support of the boobs.
  • The straps of the bra are cushioned. This helps relieve shoulder pressure. They are adjustable too. The straps are close set to avoid them slipping off.
  • The cups of the bra are high and more round. This enables full breasts coverage.
  • There is a floral jacquard pattern in the design of the bra.
  • It’s wireless and seamless in its tailoring.
  • It has a lift panel underlined. This helps to shape and support the bust.


  • Comfortable to wear.
  • It’s machine washable.
  • Very durable.
  • Maximum boob coverage.
  • No ride up.


  • It doesn’t cater for plus size women. You can go for other brands of moisture wicking bras plus size.

Calvin Klein Women’s Medium Impact Reversible Sports Bra

It is said the right bra can change your world instantly. Well the renowned, well acclaimed Calvin Klein sports bra doesn’t just that. Whatever you are looking for in a bra, this brand satisfies it. Is it bras for women who sweat a lot? They cater for that. Is it comfort ability that you want? They got you covered. This bra is all you need in a bra under one roof. They best addition to your closet that you could ever have.

Product Review Features

  • Undoubtedly the best moisture wicking bras to prevent sweaty boobs. Calvin Klein bras are made of high quality, durable material. The material is; 95% nylon and 5% spandex. This material is known for its property to wicks moisture away. It is therefore ideal for casual hot weather days. Perfect for any workouts or sporty activities.
  • The back of the bra uses the pull on closure design.
  • It is the best bra for hot weather UK fashion women magazines have stated. This is not just because it wicks moisture away. It is also because of the stretchy material it’s made from. This helps give the ultimate comfort feel as you go about any activity whether the sporty kind or just the casual ups and downs.
  • The straps of the bra are close set thus you will not experiencing any slipping off when you wear it.
  • The back of the bra is made from the same stretching material. This helps you get that flexible fit. It moves as you also move. They are no slip on straps at the back.
  • The inner cups of the bra are round. They ensure full breast coverage always.


  • The bra is comfortable to wear.
  • It comes in different colors.
  • It comes in all bust sizes.
  • It is machine washable.
  • Known not to tear and wear easily.


  • Some are visible under clothing.

Maidenform Sport Convertible Wirefree Bra

Brands with bras for people who sweat a lot have flooded the market place in recent years. It is then normal for you to be confused which to pick. The sports convertible bra for Maidenform is a sure bet. If you are looking for the best and comfort feel. Are you looking for a bra that stays intact even after multiple washing? You need a bra that is not just a have option for the gym but also for the office. A bra with the highest performance features. Well this is it.

Product Review Features

  • Best moisture wicking bras for sweaty people? You ask. Well yes it is. This bra is made from a material that exhibits moisture wicking properties. The body of the bra is made up of; 82% nylon and 18% spandex. The mesh of the bra is made of; 72% nylon and 28% spandex. This blend of fabrics makes the bra one of the bras with the highest quality material ever.
  • It is a wireless bra. It has seamless cups that are very light weight in design. The cups ensure totally breast coverage. They also have a sport liner underneath. This helps in shaping and supporting of your boobs.
  • The design of the bra cups uses a motion control cup technology. This technology helps in reducing bounce. This makes the bra a suitable option for workout.
  • The straps on the back of the bra can be worn cross- back. The straps are also adjustable and cushioned to help with relieving shoulder pressure.
  • It has double lined wings. These help to add you more comfort and support for the boobs.


  • A comfortable bra to wear.
  • It is machine washable.
  • It’s durable.
  • Suitable for any occasion.
  • Has a fashionable look.


  • It can’t be considered as a plus size cooling bra because they don’t have bust sizes above d cup.

Brooks Jubralee Forest/Teal 38D

As a workout or sports junkie, you know that the perfect outfit is also important in order to achieve maximum results. You will go for a hunt in sportswear stores just to find the best cooling bras for preventing boob sweat. If you find a store with this jubralee forest bra from brooks brand then you have just hit the jackpot girlfriend. This bra has it all. It is perfect for those high impact sporting activities. It provides great performance features such as moisture wicking. This bra is just what your sports gear collection needed to be perfect.

Product Review Features

  • The bra’s body is made from a blend of 75% polyester fabric with a 25% spandex fabric. The cups; 93% polyester and 7% spandex. This blend of fabrics makes the high quality material of the bra.
  • The best moisture wicking sports bra hiking sensation by most women hikers. Not only them but most high impact sports junkies acclaim it as the best. It uses moisture wicking technology in its designing. This keeps your boob area always dry.
  • It has double layered cups that are seamless and wireless. The cups are contour in design. They are subtle with an inner sling on each. This helps in shaping of the bust and support.
  • This cooling sports bra has a bonded, scoop neckline design.
  • It has front straps that you can easily adjust.
  • It uses the 3 column. 2 row hook and eye closure on its back.
  • To control bounce, this bra has a hidden full support and moisture wicking system. It is placed on the sides of the bra and also underneath the bust area.


  • Comfort is guaranteed as you wear it.
  • Machine washable but with cold water.
  • Built for the high impact sports activities such as running.
  • It’s durable.
  • Fit for B to E bust cup sizes.


  • It’s imported thus expensive.

Panache Women’s Underwire Sports Bra: Best Breathable Bras Prevent Moisture

Bras for women who sweat a lot were hard to find just a few years ago. However now the women fashion industry is flooded with them. Panache’s underwire sports bra is one ideal example. It is very stylish. It is easily accessible in the market today showing you beauty isn’t supposed to be a painful search. When it comes to desirable attributes, you name it and it has just that, from comfort ability to durability, affordability to accessibility. It has it all.

Product Review Features

  • A plus size moisture wicking bra d cup or bigger is what you need? Then this bra is your solution. It is made of a light weight material. The fabric has microfibers that aid in wicking moisture away.
  • The material of the bra is a blended fabric kind. The blend comprises of; 47% polyester, 40% polyamide and 13% elastane.
  • The bra has mesh panel in its design. These panels are for breathable bras prevent moisture. This ensures maximum air flow keeping you cool. This property is what earned it the nickname best breathable bra for large bust.
  • The cups of the bra are flat seamed, molded and smooth. This helps to reduce friction, giving you maximum comfort. The cups are designed to encapsulate their individual breast. This gives you the required support for any sport activity. It also doesn’t compress the boobs a lot.
  • If you love running, this bra is perfect. This is because of its racer back option. This option gives you more freedom during movement.
  • It tends to feel and fit just like your day to day normal bra but reducing bouncing by 83%.


  • The most comfortable sports bra.
  • It is easy to maintain because it is hand washed.
  • Has a sexy style look.
  • It is long lasting.
  • It fits perfectly.
  • Ideal for plus size women who only want to buy moisture wicking bras plus size.


  • It’s imported, so slightly expensive.

Chantelle Women’s Soft Stretch Padded V- Neck Bra Top

As a woman the foundation of any outfit alters how you feel and look while having that outfit on. This then shows the importance of having on the right bra. Cooling bras for menopause ladies are an integral part of the women fashion industry. Chantelle’s padded v- neck bra top is an ideal choice. It grants you the comfort and confidence you need. It has high performance features that make your day to day activities much easier for you.

Product Review Features

  • The external part of the bra is made from a mixture of 80% nylon and 20% elastane. The inner lining is 92% polyester and 8% elastane. The blending of fabrics makes this bra’s material a high quality one.
  • The bra’s material is very stretchy and wicks moisture away quickly. This makes it to be acclaimed as one of the best breathable bra for summer. It ensures maximum comfort while keeping you feeling cool and dry.
  • The bra is v- neck in design. It is also padded. This fused padding of the bra helps keep it in place all day long.
  • Unlike the Hanes moisture wicking bra that uses the hook and eye closure design, this bra adapts the pull on closure for its back. This is an easier closure method for you to use.
  • The bra is made of a smooth fabric hence no friction. The fabric is also light weight for comfort ability.
  • The bra has no wire incorporated in its making. This is perfect to be layered by other clothes or worn alone.


  • A comfortable bra to wear.
  • It is machine washable.
  • Comes in 3 sizes fitting ranging from XS to 2X.
  • There is no rolling up.
  • It can be worn independently.
  • There is no shifting in position experienced.


  • The bra is made in France, so importing makes it slightly more expensive.

FAQs on the Best Bra for Sports or Workouts, Yoga, Running, Jogging

Our editors want to make sure that you find the best bra for your shape, sporting, or exercises, such as yoga, jogging, weight lifting or running. You must consider a lot of factors, which include your right size and the activities you would like to engage in, such as athletics and many more. The list below entails what you should factor in before you shop around for the best sports bra or the bra that suits you perfectly in menopause. Read on.

  • Size of the Bra

Size is a crucial factor, which means that you must always check the size chart of every bra brand you choose. Some brand sizes may be slightly different, but this should not worry out much as the differences are a bit negligent. You must pick a bra that is not compressing you but fitting. This will keep you comfortable.

  • Compression or Encapsulation Bras?

These are common terms that you will always find in the brand description. It is important to understand what they mean. First, compression bras hung on your body somewhat tightly and they are the best for small cup sizes. Secondly, encapsulation means that they are bras meant for full support. They typically look like a T-shirt bra that is normally worn under your clothes. A combination of compression or encapsulation is a bra perfect for large cup bra sizes. They help prevent movement in every direction.

  • Moisture Wicking Technology (Breathable Bras Prevent Moisture) Bras

If you sweat a lot or you are sure that you will sweat heavily while engaging in strenuous exercises, you will definitely require bras that wicks away moisture and sweat from your skin, leaving you perfectly dry and cool all through your workouts. These bras are specially designed with mesh like fabrics that help to prevent soaking of sweat in your bra and skin.

  • Bra that Prevents Skin Irritation or Chaffing

If you have a sensitive skin, you may need to go for bras that are breathable and still prevent chaffing. These bras are designed to prevent rubbing of your skin and helps to wick away moisture off your skin. In this regard, you need to buy the best bra with moisture wicking technology and a bra that has few or no stitching and seams. Such bras will prevent friction that results in itching, scratching, rubbing and itchiness, when you engage in your exercise program, that causes boob movements, such as running, jogging or weight lifting.

  • Bra Design Style

Of course, you need to buy the best bra that meets your preferences, desires and needs at the same time. Despite buying a moisture wicking bra or less rubbing or chaffing bra, you need to also go with style and design that best describes you, your shape and body type. Some have built in removable cups, others are meant for extra full support of boobs others have underwire while others don’t have an underwire. You simply make your choice.


If you sweat a lot in your boobs, you have every reason to buy the best moisture wicking bras for people who sweat around their boobs. If you love athletics, sports or the gym, you need to get yourself the best breathable sport bra that are designed with moisture wicking technology and they are perfectly breathable. Your breasts will remain relatively cool as you exercise or do your yoga drills. Moreover, you will feel perfectly full supported all through your exercise routine.

If you are in your menopause, you can buy breathable bras prevent moisture for women that wick away sweat from your skin, leaving you feeling comfortable. Nothing should stop you from enjoying your days or years, like sweating. No need to do showers every now and then just to feel fresh or naturally dry. Just get yourself the best bra for menopause or for hot weather and lead a life of a little girl.

Our editors and writers have done a great job to put together the top 10 best moisture wicking bras that prevent underboob sweat. They have picked only the best bras based on positive customer reviews on Amazon and customer feedback. A good bra should also make you look nice and sexy. Your bra should also be durable and easy to wash and dry. Even if you are plus size, you will find a plus size moisture wicking bra D cup or bigger, as long as it fits you perfectly with the full support moisture wicking bra design. There are bras that range from size A to size H, which means no one is left out, whether you have large busts or small breasts.

What are you waiting for? Take time to read through the product reviews, features, including pros and cons. And pick the best breathable bras that will keep your top half cool. All the best in your shopping spree!

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